About the Impact Forum

About the Forum

Ending homelessness requires unified action on an unprecedented scale. To do it, the field will need to call upon its collective resilience to face down many urgent challenges. As we start to emerge from a global pandemic that affected every aspect of daily life and erased any sense of normality, this year’s convening will explore innovative and evidence-led solutions that aim to build a better future for all — creating opportunities to become more resilient and closer with each other along the way.

Resilience represents different things to different people, but for all of us who have lived through the pandemic, it will be an essential quality to deal with years of future uncertainty and to ensure we create better systems than the ones we had before. But how can we ensure that resilience is built into the systems we’re currently trying to change? Over five days, we will look to individuals and organisations working in homelessness and related fields and draw upon a wealth of lived experiences to explore the theme of resilience and how evidence and data might help us to harness it to end homelessness for good.

The 2021 Impact Forum is designed for learning, connection, and taking action for anyone dedicated to ending homelessness for good.

About the Centre for Homelessness Impact

The Centre for Homelessness Impact is an independent organisation that supports the use of data and evidence in bringing about a sustainable end to homelessness.

Good decision-making should be informed by the best available evidence of what works. As a member of the What Works Network, we support organisations in the field of homelessness and beyond to make evidence-led decisions and adopt evidence-led practices.

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