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July 17, 2020
13:00 - 14:30 BST
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Wisdom from the system, Wales

Inspiration and Aspiration

Hosted by the Mayday Trust and facilitated by Platfform, Wisdom from the System is a space open to all willing to be brave, to discuss, share, and reflect on your experiences of systems, whether that’s homelessness, social care, mental health, or criminal justice. The conversation will take place online, in a group call that will encourage people to speak freely and honestly.

Life has changed, work has changed, we have changed. But can we learn from our experiences? How can we use what’s happened to build the future we want to see? What are the lessons from lockdown?

To answer these questions, we’re holding a series of online, facilitated conversations open to those who want to challenge the status quo, learn from each other’s discoveries, and influence what happens next.

Homelessness & Housing

We want to hear your reflections on the sharp focus the pandemic has brought to your work. Share your experience of being in and/or working in housing and homelessness systems. This is part of a series of UK conversations for those curious and driven by system change. Alongside the Mayday Trust and Homeless Network Scotland, we want to galvanise your experiences of the system and explore whether Wales is leading the charge – and if so, how? Tell us.

How will it work?

Through a series of facilitated discussions via Zoom. We’ll start things off with a short presentation for context. We’ll then move on to a series of reflective questions, posed to small groups in facilitated breakout rooms.

What’s in it for me?

Sharing experiences, and listening to those of others, can be both affirming and activating. Our aim is through hearing and telling our collective experiences we bring what is possible into a greater awareness to inspire and create collective action and social change. We can contribute to a social movement that builds more equal and connected services and communities in Wales. We will be reporting back on the cross-cutting themes that emerge from the Lessons from Lockdown discussions.

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