All in it Together
July 30, 2020
10:30 - 12:00
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Wisdom from the system - England

Inspiration and Aspiration

It’s time for people who have experienced and/or are working in the homelessness, social care, mental health, and criminal justice systems across the UK to have a conversation. Hosted by the Mayday Trust, Wisdom from the System is a space open to all willing to be brave, to discuss, share, and reflect on your experiences of systems.

Wisdom from the System is a safe space to discuss, share, and reflect on your experiences of systems, whether that’s homelessness, social care, mental health, or criminal justice. The conversation will take place online, in a group call that will encourage people to speak freely and honestly.

These calls will be recorded and listened to respectfully, by strategic thinkers with grassroots experience of systems, who will aim to capture key themes and create a powerful account of people’s raw and honest experiences of systems in the UK. It is hoped that this can then be used to inform positive and sustainable change.

You can also share your experience through the website or get in touch if you would prefer to talk to someone. Wisdom form the System is facilitated by Mayday Trust, Platfform, Homeless Network Scotland, and Changing Lives, but is 100% led by you and what you would like to share.

So join us and let's see what happens...

*Please note Wisdom from the System will be recorded in order to capture all the brilliant insight shared. These recordings will be used to produce the Wisdom from the System publication, where we will share the learning and outline next steps. At no point will the original recordings, the identity of individuals, or sensitive information be made public. In some circumstances, we will share quotes or themes prior to the publication launch, but again we will ensure these quotes are anonymous.

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