Smart Policy
July 15, 2020
14:30 - 15:30 BST
David Halpern
Dr Lígia Teixeira

Using empirical methods to enhance COVID19 pandemic responses

Understanding What Works

In this session Dr David Halpern, the Government's What Works National Adviser and Chief Executive of The Behavioural Insights Team will share insights from BIT’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis as well as the wider government response and his contribution to SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, in order for attendees to better understand the value of empirical methods in designing both public health interventions in response to pandemics and other crises.

David Halpern is the Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team.

Dr Lígia Teixeira is the founding Chief Executive of the Centre for Homelessness Impact.

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