Smart Policy
July 17, 2020
14:00 - 15:00 BST
Charlotte Victoria Tuminelli
Ammar A. Malik

Smart Policy Design in Action: Harnessing Data for Effective Design

Capacity Building

We are delighted to offer this session, run in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School - Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD).

Ammar Malik, Director of EPoD Research and Charlotte Tuminelli, senior training manager will explore how to harness data for effective policy design.

This session will present Evidence for Policy Design’s (EPoD’s) Smart Policy Design and Implementation (SPDI) framework, which is a collaborative, iterative, and evidence-based approach to solving pressing problems. We will examine a policy-research collaboration which applied SPDI in the “real world,” demonstrating how theory and data can inform the diagnosis of a challenge’s underlying causes – thus leading to more evidence-based solutions.

Charlotte Tuminelli is the Senior Training Manager at Evidence for Policy Design.

Ammar A. Malik is the Director of EPoD Research.

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